Wholesale Vintage Clothing, dresses, tops, skirts, shorts

Wholesale Vintage Clothing Distributor base in Bangkok Thailand since 2009

We offer premium quality of genuine Japanese vintage clothing in reasonable price and unique design. "Ship worldwide"

Since 2009, we serve vintage shop from Australia, Europe, North America, Brazil, Singapore and many shop around the globe. 

You can sit at home selecting piece by piece from our online catalog, come and pick at warehouse or let us source for you.

As we offer very low Minimum Order Quantity of 20 pieces 
So you guy can easily make a first purchase before make bigger order.
  • 100% refund policy
  • All items are ready to sell, cleaned and pressed
  • Free alteration (high quality)
Please send a price list request to tmisyd@gmail.com
So sorry that we do not show the pricing on my blog because we need to make a conservation only with serious buyer.

Whether you are a new vintage shop or big-name vintage store who looking for experienced supplier, please feel free to contact us.

We will do the best to be your trust wholesale vintage clothing supplier


Product in my warehouse (Update 2015)

  • Vintage dresses
  • Vintage tops, blouse, shirt
  • Vintage skirts
  • Vintage shorts
  • Vintage swimsuit

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This Youtube vdo will show you how to buy from picasa catalog ^^
Please note that !
all items in this vdo were sold-out.

Any question such as, price & shipping cost..
please email to me. (tmisyd@gmail.com)

This is a sample image of our vintage clothing.
all of them were sold-out

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