Sourcing service

If you want to buy bulk order but you are too lazy to pick dresses one by one.

Let us do all this for you. Just let us full fill your needs.

We handpicks every item like what you can see in online catalog.

You can ask for alteration in the way you like such as, remove sleeves, shortening etc.
All dresses are ready to sell and cleaned by high quality machine wash.

This service recommended for regular customer.

I recommend you to pick online by yourselves for first deal

We offer you at the lowest minimum quantity of 100 pc.

As we all know the quality is the more important than price.

We do our best to make every order high in quality standard.
As our regular customer knows, to competitive the price in this industry will make the quality lower than it should be .

Do not hesitate to discuss with us.
You can also come to my warehouse to check for the quality at anytime.

Please feel free to contact us at

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