How to set up a vintage clothing business

I just thinking backward to the day i started a vintage clothing business.

It was a big deal to me and many things that should be easy turns hard.

I have an experience of opening vintage retail shop before i become a vintage wholesale supplier.

(Finally i found myself expert in finding vintage clothes than selling it, and i happy to see you and your customer love my selection.)

So i will share my experience with you.
*** I'm not good in writing skill but i will try my best ***

What i used to do before become a vintage clothing wholesaler?

  • Online retail shop (website).
  • Etsy shop.
  • Pop-up store.
  • Store front in a popular shopping bazaar.

How to set up a vintage clothing store. Step-by-Step !!!

1.You need to check the market in your country. 

  • Check leader in online, flea market and every where you can find.
  • Checking the retail price, style and how they do marketing. 

2. Find leader cross a country

  • You will find the way to make your shop different from others.


3. Find distribution channels.

  • You have to check an online market, social network and store front.
  • You will get some idea about rental fee, initial cost to start your business.
*** Start small : I recommend you to start with online platform such as, Etsy shop or Facebook and Blog....... because many people can not survive in a big start.
Web site "add to cart" is old-school since 2014 but Etsy still good in this case (reputation)
Ads cost for online shop is a lot cheaper than store-front and worth to pay.***


4. Find wholesale supplier
  • You are in my blog , that's mean you found one.
  • Don't belief what supplier told you about their products until you got an items, (start small***)
  • Compare products from many supplier and you will see the different such as, quality, price and service.
*** This process takes you a lot of money, because you can not buy from 10 supplier when you start small.
So you need to buy only from trust one.


5. Take a unique photo collection set
  • Vintage clothes are one-piece-of.  Please do it in your style as one-piece-of it is.
  • Add value on it, make some story through lens *** check a leader
  • Buy good camera (not best) invest in lens. it's good start.

*** You can find many photography tips on youtube, please pay attention***
*** Photoshop , illustrator and smart-phone apps help me a lot in post production ***


6. Plan for a product listing and posting.

*** This is an art ***
you need to try it to see what is your customer behavior
(different country, different behavior)

  • Time of posting is important. 
  • Run an ads on posting is one of "key success factor"
  • Post some review of your customer and good article for them.

7. After sell service
  • Take care of your customer and sincere with them. 
  • Keep them posting by add them to your whatsapp group or etc,
  • Offer some promotion. *** 

8. Keep develop your business.
*** Do all 1-7 again and again ***

  • Keep expand your platform such as, instagram ,twitter, facebook and etc

No pain, no gain* in vintage clothing business too

I used to confront with scam supplier many times since i start this business.
and lost too much money just for an experience.

But it worth!

Every time i fall i get stronger.

Today i become vintage clothing wholesale supplier,
I know what you are looking for and i understand your feeling.

That is why i want to share this with you guys.

If this article is good for you, please share it !!!